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Goodbye 300 Queen

Goodbye 300 Queen / Dec 10, 2020

In 2003, Jimmy Rods was established, residing in a compact store, located in Oxley. Since these humble beginnings, the Jimmy Rods brand has dramatically evolved as expansion and concepts continue to develop. However, there are a few aspects to this company that have not changed, including Jimmy’s drive and loyalty to the trade, that taught him and so many Apprentices everything they know.
Difficult decisions are often made in business and as a result, our 300 Queen Street store will be closing on the 25th of May.
Have no fear as our Albert Street, Broadway (Adelaide St) and Shave Saloon (480 Queen St) locations are within walking distance of this location.

Every Jimmy Rods site represents a milestone that this business has reached as the blood, sweat and tears are quite literally embedded in the shop design.
This company is built on family values and progression, so whilst this decision was not easy, we are very excited for the future opportunities and developments that are coming.

Thank you again to all our amazing customers for your ongoing support! Watch this space!

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