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A Winning Partnership: Jimmy Rods Joins Forces with Brisbane Heat for an Unforgettable Experience


A Winning Partnership: Jimmy Rods Joins Forces with Brisbane Heat for an Unforgettable Experience / Dec 14, 2023

In a thrilling collaboration that fuses the worlds of cricket and style, Jimmy Rods has proudly partnered with the Brisbane Heat. The launch event, held at Jimmy Rod’s Gasworks on the 1st of December, saw not only the presence of some of the Heat’s star players—Spencer Johnson, Sam Billings, and Xavier Bartlett—but also an appearance by the lively Nova Casanovas. This union promises not only top-notch haircuts at the ‘Six Zone’ during Heat games but also a commitment to giving back to the community through donations to the Australian Sporting Foundation.

The Grand Launch: Jimmy Rod’s Gasworks became the epicenter of excitement as cricket aficionados and style enthusiasts gathered for the official launch of the partnership. The Heat’s Spencer Johnson, Sam Billings, and Xavier Bartlett graced the occasion, mingling with fans and showcasing their own sense of style. The Nova Casanovas added a touch of glamour and fun to the event, making it a memorable day for all who attended.

The ‘Six Zone’ at the Gabba: For cricket enthusiasts who want to combine their love for the game with a fresh haircut, Jimmy Rod’s has introduced the ‘Six Zone’ at the Gabba during Brisbane Heat games. Now, you can enjoy a professional haircut without missing any of the on-field action. The convenience of the ‘Six Zone’ ensures that fans can look their best while cheering for the Heat.

Giving Back to the Community: What makes this partnership even more special is the commitment to community welfare. Proceeds from the activations at the ‘Six Zone’ will be donated to the Australian Sporting Foundation. By getting a haircut at Jimmy Rod’s during the Heat games, fans not only invest in their personal style but also contribute to the development of sports in Australia.

Exciting Raffle Opportunity: As a token of appreciation for the unwavering support, Jimmy Rod’s has announced an exciting opportunity for its customers. One lucky customer stands the chance to win a Pitch Walk at the Gabba in early January. To enter the draw, all you have to do is get your haircut at Jimmy Rod’s. It’s a fantastic chance to experience the thrill of being on the hallowed ground where cricket legends make history.

The partnership between Jimmy Rods and the Brisbane Heat marks a new era of synergy between sports and style. With the ‘Six Zone’ at the Gabba and the promise to support the Australian Sporting Foundation, this collaboration is more than just about haircuts—it’s about building a community that celebrates both cricket and individuality. So, head to Jimmy Rod’s for a haircut, cheer for the Heat, and be a part of this winning team both on and off the field.