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Beardmeister – Oktoberfest 2017

Beardmeister – Oktoberfest 2017 / Dec 10, 2020

Is your beard or mo trophy worthy? We are stoked to announce that we have teamed up with Oktoberfest Brisbane for the 3rd year running, to host Beardmeister.

Show off your pride and joy on stage at Oktoberfest Brisbane on Oktober 13th!

Pre-enter on the Facebook event page for your chance to pre-qualify for the competition and score yourself 2 FREE tickets to the festival!

Jimmy, King Brown & Weirdy Beardy will be the official judges and will choose a champion for 3 categories:
👉🏼 Best Moustache
👉🏼 Best Beard
👉🏼 Freestyle (Let’s get crazy!)

Enter now!! 🏆🏆🏆


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