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Uppercut Monster Hold 70g


For the founders of Uppercut Deluxe, this product was the ultimate challenge. 

Time after time very exacting people were complaining chat their styljust wouldn’t last or chat their current hair products just didn’t do the job. 

These people were the toughest sort to please – the sort where stylis everything and the look iuncompromising. The kind of people chat don’t give second chances. 

After long time testing and researching, this super strong wax was born. When they tested for the first time, the boys were genuinely scared at just how good this wax was… hence the name Monster Hold. 

Hold – Heavy and strong Finish – Waxy, medium shine 

Style guide  Perfect for more challenging styles where a little extra hold and grip are required. Ideal hair type – Anything that needs hardcore control. Fragrance: NaturaBeeswax scent Petroleum based 

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