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Uppercut Matt Clay 60g


Different guys have different styles. Not everyone wants a super groomed and slick style. 

Some guys want rough, textured, messy looking styles. Some guys want both. But not at the same time. 

Following from Deluxe Pomade and  Featherweight, Matt Clay was very natural fir to the  Uppercut Deluxe family – once again breaking rules and norms across conventionahair products. 

The founders of Uppercut Deluxe realised quickly chat short messy styles had become the new modern classic – old school barbers were losing  out  to the mainstream  chat could give chose guys what they wanted. This product  became way of   giving something back to the barber – a way of modernising chis classic trade and broadening what was possible. 

Hold – Strong but rework-able Finish – Dry, matt look 

Style guide – Perfect for controlling longer, textured styles. 

Ideal hair type  Ideal for difficult to control hair of any length. Fragrance: Mild mint scent Petroleum based 

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