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Men’s cut

The standard in traditional Barber hair cuts. Clean, sharp lines and blends. With length on top to suit and maintain your current individual style, finished with a neck shave and hot towel.

Men’s restyle cut

I need a better haircut and fast

A change is as good as a holiday; especially if the holiday is in a Barbershop. So if it’s time for a new you, let the Jimmy Rod’s barbers assist you with a new style. You can trust these experienced master barbers but feel free to bring in some ideas and inspiration.

Does a Don Draper style feel like your new self? Or are you more rugged outdoors man? Where do you stand on the vintage versus the modern man debate? Get clear on this and you are guaranteed our barbers will do the rest.

Crew cut

The Quickest Route to Cool

No product! No brushes! No styling! The crew cut is for you! This is simplicity at its most powerful. We use clippers all over with one size comb or a combination to fit your desired length. The only thing you need to do is decide how much you want off.

Remember, one barber’s trim is another’s close shave. Don’t hate the player or the game; just choose your desired length before we begin.

Beard Trim

Great beards are associated with great men—from outlaws to revolutionaries. However, who would have taken any of them seriously if the beard weren’t kept as clean and sharp as their personality? Keep the length and keep it clean. Off the lip with nice shape and sharp lines.

Beard restyle

Saving Face

A man lives and dies by his beard. At least that’s what bearded men say. So now you’re aware of the importance of giving good beard, are you looking for something different in the facial hair department?

Not a worry, Jimmy Rods has you covered. Leave it to the professionals here to help you get nice, sharp lines and shape.

Just sides

The Fast Fix

For those in-between-times where you don’t want or need a full cut but you’re beginning to have a love/ hate relationship with the hair around your ears. Mainly hate. Get back that loving feeling. This is the perfect fast fix. Blink and you’re back on the road.

Cut-throat shave

The Good Ol' Days

There’s no school like the old school! Jimmy Rod’s is taking shaving to the next level. Lay back and relax with the ultimate in traditional barber service.